Grants and Donations

We gratefully acknowledge grants and donations which enable WERS to provide much-needed services to the local community.

October 2022 Harcourts Foundation: $5000

October 2022 Box Hill Rotaract: $750

February 2021 Box Hill Tax Office Staff Welfare Fund: $2000 for the provision of Emergency Relief for City of Whitehorse residents suffering hardship

December 2020 Hanbit Korean Congregation of St Andrew’s Uniting Church: $2500 for emergency relief support to vulnerable City of Whitehorse community members

June 2019 Whitehorse City Council – Community Grant: $8250 for operational expenses

May 2019 Crown Resorts Foundation – Community Champions Grants Program: $2000 for general use

April 2019 Federal Department of Social Services (DSS) – Volunteers Grant: $2277.50 for training, background checks, and computer and small electrical equipment

March 2019 Lions Club of Nunawading: $2000 for improvements to the safety and function of the foodbank and reception areas

March 2019 Rotary Club of Box Hill: $2000 for improvements to the security of the reception area

Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc. – Board of Management

All incorporated organisations are required by law to appoint a governing body, which serves as the organisation’s highest authority.

The Board’s job is to provide purpose, leadership and overall strategy. It must ensure the community group’s finances are sound, its operations are legal and its procedures work.

Boards of incorporated bodies are given legal authority and responsibility to develop and oversee policies and practices to:

  • keep the organisation true to its mission
  • responsibly and ethically manage its finances
  • safeguard its assets
  • operate in the public interest