Mission Statement

Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc. is committed to operating in accordance with the aims, policies and standards of Community Information and Support Victoria Incorporated.
WERS will ensure that individuals and groups have equal access to information about their rights, responsibilities and the services available in order that they can be independent and effective members of the community.
WERS will exercise a responsible influence on the development of social service and policies.

Welcome to Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc.

Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc. (WERS) is a not-for-profit incorporated voluntary agency founded in 1967 to meet a need in the community for financial assistance and community support. Funded by Federal Government, Whitehorse City Council, local groups, private donations and trusts. We work in partnership with other relief agencies in Whitehorse to reduce duplication of assistance.

We provide services that aim to help individuals and families deal with a wide range of life situations. Our trained, multicultural group of volunteer Community Support Workers conduct one-to-one discussions, respecting the privacy of clients and the confidentiality of all client information. We respect all cultural, religious, gender and age differences and welcome all. Our services are free, independent, client-focused.

Our Free Services

Emergency Relief

Casework and Counselling

Information and Referral

Advocacy and Negotiation


  • Inclusive – Services are provided to individuals and families regardless of cultural, religious or personal identity
  • Open-minded – creative and non-judgemental in responding to need and seeking continuous improvement in the way we deliver our services
  • People-centered – focused on the best interest of our clients and volunteers
  • Accountable and transparent – to our funding bodies, stakeholders and clients in what we do and how we do it
  • Professional – at all levels of the organisation
  • Collaborative – working together with our board, volunteers, clients, funding bodies and other agencies to maximise outcomes achieved


  1. Extensive training and education programs for volunteer staff including the introduction of a staff and Board newsletter
  2. Continuous improvement of processes and procedures in order to maximise outcomes for our clients.
  3. Identify opportunities to develop new partnerships to minimise the impact of reduced funding resources.
  4. Develop initiatives to maximise our reduced funding pool and reduce any impact for our clients.
  5. Explore opportunities to obtain further grants and funding to maximise the service delivery outcomes for our client demand.
  6. Development and implementation of our organisational website and further improve our IT system.
  7. Fulfil our obligations under the new Consortium (CISVic) arrangement.